Oasis International Development Foundation

Oasis International Development Foundation (OIDF) is a non-profit and non -governmental organization whose primary objectives are embedded in philanthropy and social well -being. 

OIDF objectives include

  • To support the vulnerable physically challenged and sick people in the society.
  • To support diverse efforts in areas of poverty alleviation, social injustices and social services such as rural electrification, health and water issues in under developed countries especially in Africa.
  • To provide access to quality education particularly for children and girls in Africa.
  • To organize symposium, public talks on youth empowerment and development.
  • To take appropriate steps in promoting knowledge and education among youths with also research and development.
  • To campaign for environmental protection, prevention of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution.
  • To partner with other organizations and institutions to maintain peace and unity in the society.


Love, goodness and Service 

Marian Mercy Family (MMF), a non-profit charitable organization housed in Nigeria and recently, a sub-unit of Oasis International Development Foundation (OIDF) was formed in 1st September, 1999 by a cream of professionals which include Prof. Patricia Okafor (founder/coordinator), Dr Joy Enemuo (secretary), Dr Grace Ubah, Obinwa Nwando

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Research originality truly redefined

Oasis International Journal (OIJ), a subsidiary of Oasis International Development Foundation (nonprofit organisation) is a broad-based publisher of quality open access journals and delivers this research to the widest possible audience. 


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Fobix Oasis ConsultING (FOC)

Unleashing the power of Knowledge

Fobix Oasis Consulting, a division of Oasis International Development Foundation (OIDF) was founded in 2016. Fobix Oasis Consulting specializes in providing solution, knowledge and technical expertise to bridge the gap between tertiary institutions and industries in developing countries.

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Bringing ICT to your doorstep

Multimedia Aspire Solution, the ICT unit of Oasis International Development Foundation maintains OIDF websites, networks and documentation. It also fulfil OIDF mission by providing school management system, hospital management system, ICT training and other services.

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