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In the meeting held in Awka, Anambra State by the directors of Oasis International Development Foundation on 15th January 2018, it was unanimously resolute that the foundation should involve the youths as their iconic figures. This iconic figures are to be the Face of Oasis. This resolution was taken because according to Jose Rizal, The youth is the hope of our future. Again, according to Diogenes, the foundation of every state is the education of its youth. To ensure continuity, we need to have the youth following our footsteps. 

To achieve this goal, without any form of animosity, the directors agreed for the would-be youth ambassadors to be selected through an annual online voting process. A process that would be so transparent. When a winner emerges, the society will acknowledge it is from a free and fair process. The duty of making sure this goal is achieved was delegated to Vivian Ezeugwu, one of the Oasis International Development Foundation director and Multimedia Aspire Solution team for the technicalities. The voting process was slated for July 30th 2018Face of Oasis logo

Now, this is not to raise celebrities but beauty and brain who can help achieve our developmental goals which include; support for quality education, campaign for environmental protection, organizing of symposium, alleviation of poverty and social injustice. Face of Oasis strongly believe in being socially responsible for our immediate environment.

To be eligible for Face of Oasis 2018, all you need to do is visit oasisdev.org/face-of-oasis/#register or click here so as to fill our online form. After filling the Face of Oasis 2018 Bio-sheet, an entry code and instructions on what to do next will be given to you. Follow the instruction for your registration to be completed. You can also register for the ongoing essay writing competition on oasisdev.org/face-of-oasis/#write-an-essay

To keep abreast of latest information on Face of Oasis, follow us on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/faceofoasis and on Instagram @ www.instagram.com/face_of_oasis. To learn more, visit www.oasisdev.org/face-of-oasis. You can also send us an email on faceofoasis@oasisdev.org or whatsapp us on +2348124042806 or +971505964288 for any enquiry.



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